Saturday, June 8, 2013

A stroll back in time

Now just in case you were thinking this was all's a little fixer upper! I can only imagine how much the repairs would cost let alone the original purchase.

It's possible this reno has been abandoned due to the neighbours!

OR, the idea of yearly painting all those little spindles at vertiginous heights!

This is the one I am moving into.

All the best friends come in the back door!

Hat Tip: Thanks to Bonnie for alerting me to this magnificent area.


  1. Who would have thought there was such a jewel in La-La Land?

  2. Just love those hollyhocks with the backdrop of black, white and old lace! What a find!

  3. Wow, they are lovely. California has lost many of it's Victorians but there are also some great ones in SF, as you probably know. Wish we were there together. Still no baby!!!

  4. What a glorious neighbourhood -- and what a wonderful outing you must have had! Splendid photos!