Friday, June 7, 2013

Blue Day

Today the agenda included a trip to Long Beach and the Aquarium. I was still having difficulty with my camera but with a suggestion from Michael, figured out the White Balance and restored the setting which had been unexpectedly changed by someone using my camera. Back to normal now, but I may miss the colourful days the change provided!

Another budding scientist. No way I was touching any SHARKS, but Mama is right in there two fingers!

Zoë and Mummy came to the hotel pool. A bit chilly for Mamère, but the hot tub is divine!

The end of the Blue Day. Not sure what will happen tomorrow!


  1. All appear to be "in the pink" on Blue Day. Little Luca is maturing beautifully.

  2. Enjoyed all the recent posts....hope you ar keeping to the schedule...the kids are wonderful and Mamere takes great pics...I especially loved purple day,