Monday, June 17, 2013

Finally a Celebrity ...or two

It's always nice to find a celebrity or two over at The Grove in LA.

Mario Lopez is so pretty in real life. Jane and I were surprised. He really is gorgeous. He films a daily from The Grove. The Professor was less impressed so he and Luca wandered the avenue while we gawked and I shot pics.

Then again, if you look really closely, you can spot a few wannabe's in The American Girl Doll store too!

I'm telling you, this child is totally suited to life in Hollywood!


  1. You are now officially a member of the paparazzi! (And....oh!....that sign!!)

  2. Up, up, and away...what an expression, great photo! She does seem to fit right in to La-La Land.
    Oh. Good on ya, LJM...I woulda been gawking right with ya!! :)