Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh those spring blooms

What a wonderful year to be a bride and have chosen peonies for your posy! You could come to any one of a number of people's gardens this year and have your pick of the crop. It was a particularly wonderful display this year. Early and bountiful. I know that everyone has blogged about this noble flower, but now that the season is drawing to and end, I'll only post one of each of my favourites.

My Dad's favourite peony, from his garden, that he could never get to bloom. Planted it too deeply. I cherish this plant and it always performs at Father's Day.

Ah those pesky buds. How to cut? Will they open on the long stem indoors? Answer: Likely not, but according to those florists who know, cut the stem long with the bud and treat it as part of the bloom. There is some discussion about how much of the plant to cut as well. That's what is intriguing about gardening. You never stop learning.


  1. Awesome Leslie...
    SO nice that you have your Dad's peony...
    Mine are ALL from my they are special as well...Lissa had them at her wedding, and they were beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend...stay cool!!

  2. How interesting that peonies seem to be the flowers that are so often passed from generation to generation. Ours are from Chuck's dad, and like yours, originated in Ottawa, but then spent time in London before they were transported to Markham. I wonder where their next location will be.

  3. What knock-outs! Pale, fragile beauties...or super-bold colors. Wonderful fragrance, too.
    Your Dad must have been quite the gardener. Your efforts have paid off!