Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reading together

This looks like a great idea. Let's read together.

Luca, I'm the big sister and I'm doing the reading okay?

If only I had teeth! She's hogging the book Mamère!

Remember that new concept.... a little "cooperation" children!

That's the style! Everyone is happy now.

These are the quiet moments to cherish. Just outside, in the evening, on the back patio with the family. I already miss them all so much!


  1. Gorgeous kids, gorgeous photography

  2. Oh... that first one should be framed...for sure...
    I know you miss them...believe me...I know!!!
    Love the way the tension builds...truly a sister and brother!!!
    So glad you had a wonderful trip...
    How's the garden?!

  3. SO gosh darn CUTE!!!!
    Looks like you all had a great visit!!


  4. Precious memories, a wonderful family moment forever captured. They're going to love looking at these when they're older!

  5. Les.....they are just too adorable. The pictures are wonderful and missing them is just part of it, isn't it? The perfect thing is missing them in the quiet of our home; remembering all the sweetest parts, their little voices and sounds, their softest touches, smiles and wide eyed curiosity. Then you can read or go back to what you were doing without changing that diaper!