Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Purple Day

This is a Jacaranda tree. They are currently in full bloom and thrilling us all to no end....the end being that we went in search of the best Jacaranda trees we could find in the neighbourhood.

Strawflowers in full bloom

Hedgerows of Morning Glory in the afternoon....still glowing their hazy glow

It was a most wonderfully purple day today!


  1. A purple day is so preferred over the blue day here at home. What magnificent blooms, especially on the Jacaranda tree. And imagine sweet little Zoë having a purple tent for the perfect ending to a purple day.

  2. My Mom had one of those in Florida...gorgeous!!
    Zoe looks lost in dreams!
    Purple dreams!!

  3. How lovely! I bet the scent is heavenly!

  4. So pretty!
    Lauren A.

  5. So very, very lovely! AND so much nicer than here, where it is, as I type, pouring rain and only 12 degrees C. I have thick socks on my feet and a sweater to cover my bare arms. So VERY different than last Friday, eh? Enjoy California and its warmth! And of course, the wonderful grandchildren!!

  6. Oh my perfect. And Miss Zoe is just adorable in her wonderland. NO news here....due date tomorrow....

  7. Absolutely magnificent purple blossoms!