Thursday, July 4, 2013

And what I found

Several firsts


  1. Stunning photography. You shall be the official photographer on the cruise...that is one month today.

  2. Splendid...what colors!! Clematis is so the day lily. What a garden you have...are you getting lots of rain...lots in DC. David

  3. Fresh tomatoes! Delicious on toast, with salt, pepper, and Hellman's!!

  4. Beautiful sharp photography! Which camera and lens do you use?

  5. Well, Miss Leslie...your garden is looking delightful!
    Great camera shots...keep up the good work!
    Time for some tomato sandwiches...

  6. We are at the cottage, but have been keeping up when I could. Often have a comment but someone else beats me to it. However 2 things in particular...Zoey is soooooooooo you and Jane it is frightening and where are the pictures of the slugs?????? Me garden will be full of them. Don't have your number at the cottage so email it or call me 705 533 1974 I'll be around tomorrow at dinner time. (If you send me the number I will call you.

    Lunch???? next week Tues/Wed I will be home.


    PS. the photography is... fabulous