Sunday, July 21, 2013


The first time I ever heard about Carl Larsson was in the Clinique de Bois Gentil in Geneva, Switzerland.

The clinic no longer exists, but in it's day it was a fabulous place. Isidore Bonstein was my beloved Swiss physician.

After giving birth to my first child I was temporarily in a room with a Swedish woman. I awoke from anesthetic after a minor repair only to see Gunnila washing her feet in the sink. I was not only amazed that she was washing her feet, but totally awe struck that she could get her foot up and into the basin!

We were in a recovery room of sorts, and just prior to being moved to our own private spaces, she explained to me that she was over the moon with the birth of her little boy. Previously, she and her husband had been unable to have children and had adopted a little girl from Korea. They called her "Tennie". Gunnila had no idea what to call her newborn son. I thought Hans would be a great name, he looked like a Hans.

A few days later, they appeared at my door Tennie and "Hans" in tow, ready to depart,and gave me a red framed Carl Larsson print that they literally took from their artwork-lined living room wall.

The title of my first venture into the world of Carl Larsson is "Mammas Och Smaflickornas Rum"

As I prepare my list of places to see and things do on our upcoming Baltic tour, I am terribly excited that there is a special Carl Larsson exhibit in Stockholm. Looking over the exhibit site reminded me of the beginnings of my passion for all things Larsson. I used to have my own walls lined with Swedish prints, but changed decor and they have lived in the basement for many years.

I shall give this picture to my daughter, Jane Alexandra, from whose birth came my introduction to Carl Larsson.


  1. What a touching story, and one I have never heard before. I remember admiring your house full of Swedish prints and will enjoy the Carl Larsson exhibit with you. Now about Hans...have you kept in touch with his parents over the years? How lovely it would be if you could connect with this family after all these years.

  2. Lovely story....thanks for sharing it...