Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Hort's Host High Tea

Summer weddings. This time the "Hort's" (affectionate nickname for a collection of Horticultural Society biddies buddies), hosted an afternoon tea for Ashley Booth. Our pal Ingrid will be mother-in-law this long weekend. Ashley will marry Jason O'Hara at the Booth family farm in Orillia. Jason and our son Gordon have been friends since kindergarten and are now approaching their 35th. birthdays!

Kathy Sherliker, Victoria Booth (mother of the bride) and Marcia Slater (who loves hats!)

Jason's Grandma Sherry with Gillian Hobson

Ashley has warned Ingrid not to wear this hat at the wedding

The Bride Ashley and her Mother Vicky....looking forward to a magnificent wedding weekend!



  1. What a lovely circle of friends you have,Leslie... lovely to have Gord home for a wee while...Shall I tell Erika? ha!
    Should be a lovely wedding...

  2. Looks like a fun bunch and a tasty tea. I want one of those lemon bars now!