Saturday, August 31, 2013


Look who was waiting upon our return from the Baltic!

I had never had an orchid before this time last year. It bloomed beautifully and then went dormant. I did absolutely nothing except to give it the three prescribed "ice cubes" per week. When the stem started to die off, I googled orchids and learned to cleanly cut off the stem and wait. After many moons of waiting, and one snapped stem incident, "Miss Patience" danced into the light.

I have no idea what the longevity of the orchid is, but will keep on doing the same thing and possibly add a little fertilizer in the coming year. It's such a pleasant surprise to see the blooms again.


  1. Well, I never heard three ice cubes a week, but it makes a lot of sense as they don't like to be too wet do they? My last orchid went kaput after two years and a couple of reflowerings. Lovely colours. Well done you!!

  2. How great is that! Ya must be doing something right, very nice. Is it resting on a tray of pebbles for humidity and all that? Never tried myself, figured it would be a lost cause. Your thumb is quite green indeed!