Friday, September 27, 2013

A very IMPORTANT Debate.

I totally agree with Dr. Donald Low.

I totally disagree with Margaret Somerville's disappointingly childish approach to this very serious event, but I will listen, if only to gain more insight into what issues to debate.

We need to have this very IMPORTANT debate in our country. I am delighted to see that my favourite radio station, 96.3 FM is behind
Dying with Dignity
and will continue to escalate this issue. This is a question of personal autonomy of what I wish done with my own body.

This is the time to think about, listen to, and form an opinion on this very controversial issue. Having attended the bedside of both terminally ill parents and several friends who were assured they could be given pain free palliative care,and were NOT, because it can't .... I can tell you that Dr. Low's statement regarding clinician's refusal to assist in ending a terminally ill situation.... "I wish they could live in my body for 24 hours and I think they would change that opinion".

"A spokesperson from the Office of the Minister of Justice sent an email to CBC News on Tuesday, saying the government has "no intention" of reopening debate on the laws surrounding euthanasia and assisted suicide."

This should be of no surprise. The Minister of Justice is Peter MacKay. Eternally under the thumb of the Prime Minister who is at this moment great friends with the Tea Party in the USA.


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says Dr. Donald Low’s video should spark a “national conversation” on physician-assisted suicide.

“This is on the minds of many people across the country,” Wynne said Thursday, adding Ottawa can’t ignore that Canadians are concerned about end-of-life decisions.

“It’s about human beings deciding what kinds of choices they believe they should have,” the premier said at a Bay St. press conference.


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  1. Well presented Leslie. I too have been of Dr. Low's opinion for many years, based on personal experience. Rex Murphy made a salient point at the end of his segment last night when he pointed out that "the question is hard but of a nature that placing it into public debate could be an edifying experience."