Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's the berries

"Welcome Autumn"

I was very surprised to see a Holly Berry peeking out at me the other day. Luckily I had spared it's life last year. There must be a male and a female plant in there in order to have produced berries. There are only two at the moment, but that gives the plants another year's reprieve!

What would Holly be without the Ivy?

The Burning Bush and one teeny weeny little Yew berry

My most favourite berries of the season. These little variegated porcelain vine gems are cute enough to pick and wear as earrings, or a necklace, or inspiration for an afghan...hmmmm....winter is coming...get out the wool!

Turquoise goes with everything!


  1. My porcelain vines have self seeded EVERYWHERE and have taken over! If you know anyone who wants some small ones now - or seedlings next spring... let me know! I pull them out by the hundreds!

  2. Your backyard has a lot of color already...
    That pie looked delicious...
    Yes....turquoise definitely goes with everything!
    I have an afghan in the works...

  3. I love your solitary little berries, they look adorable in their green leafy homes! Loving your new header photo by the way too!!