Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Luncheon above Oslo

It's somewhat amazing that this view could also be somewhere in Canada. Very similar terrain.

The Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica...stopping place for a view over Oslo. Dragon Style 1894 Architecture.

Love the Scandinavian colour scheme!

Holmenkollen Restaurant

We were treated to the most fabulous luncheon in this gorgeous location overlooking Oslo. Thanks Dag and Robin!

The view from my seat

Are you SURE we're not in Canada???

That's our ship down there. No need to hurry....we're off to the ski museum next. I love this day!


  1. Amazing, if you didn't know where you were I don't think that I would have guessed Norway. Beautiful though, the restaurant looks great. They love their sculpture over there for sure! Hope you had fun at the ski museum.

  2. What did you eat for lunch?
    Not that surroundings so beautiful!
    What a great trip you all had...
    Any pics of you and the old boy???

  3. My grandfather always said that he chose to settle in Vancouver because BC reminded him so much of his beloved homeland. Your photos give me great insight into his vision :-)