Monday, October 21, 2013

Keep Wishing

Make a wish in Louisiana

The Wishing Tree

In this bucolic setting, how can one not wish for world peace. Especially now.

The Yoko Ono Exhibit at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark 2013

I believe this song was penned some 42 years ago. Not much has changed. Listen to the lyrics and quietly make a wish of your own, my tag is on the tree for all of you. Imagine.


  1. I hope that your wish comes true Leslie, and that all of your future wishes do too! Imagine that. xx

  2. A beautiful, timeless song, and what a perfect day that was!

  3. How wonderful that you got to see that in person...
    I still remember the day he was shot....and that song makes me cry...every time....
    He WAS the best Beatle...Oh yeah....Yoko is doing a wonderful thing...