Sunday, October 27, 2013

There will be consequences

As a result of watching way too many episodes of The Pioneer Woman on the food network, I was trying to find my cast iron "skillet". My mother used a skillet all the time and swore by it's even cooking properties.

The bottom line is that the search had the same dreaded domino effect that frequently happens in such cases. The oven is now clean. The stove-top too. The drawer beneath has been purged.....goodbye potato ricer.....and I actually DO have 8 inch cake pans!!!


  1. Ah - you must be feeling better! Cooking and cleaning suggest an improvement in health. That has to be a good thing. Wish I could get the Pioneer Woman over here, I've got her first two books, and the third one is slowly making it's way across the pond - very slowly for some reason! Hope that you actually managed to get some cooking done and that it was great. xx

  2. I still have the 3 cast iron pans, my mom bought me at a wedding shower...big,medium and small!!!
    I use them all the time!
    After each use....I give it a good cleaning with olive "season" it...
    Fall cleaning raises it's head in the funniest ways, eh Miss Leslie!

    Hope you are on the mend! ♥