Thursday, October 17, 2013

They are everywhere

Part of our Baltic Cruise Tour this summer was to Norway, so when I heard about this viral video I was intrigued. After I saw it I thought how much Zoë and Luca would love this. My daughter wondered if it was a joke, since Michael had been playing the video and the kids bopping around for a couple of weeks already .....slowly driving her insane! Personally, I LOVE it and am once again struck by the coincidence of foxes everywhere.
Everyone is asking "What does the Fox say???"

Remember these guys from "Mollie Makes" Magazine??

There is a significant theme in Fabric featuring our foxy friend

Speaking of "Mollie Makes" magazine, I see today that Amy, over at "Love Made My Home" has done the latest version of "Mollie Makes" foxie pins!

Fortunately for both the fox and fashion sense this style has long gone, but I have to say that I remember my grandmother and her friends proudly wearing these aberrations.

If you have never seen "Fantastic Mr. Fox", this would be a good time to keep up with the trend!

Are you foxy enough? What does the fox say??

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  1. Oh Leslie!! You are too too kind. I was thinking as I started reading this, great minds think alike, I will have to tell Leslie about my pins, and there was my name all of a sudden! Thank you sooooo much for this, you are wonderful. I love your fox and raccoon, especially with the little heart, they are just darling. xxxx