Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat????!!!!!

I think the trick will be to have enough kids around despite the rain....otherwise the treats will be all MINE!!!

Another relic pulled out from under the stairs. Don't remember having done so much "halloweeny" stuff. That's it!
Wait till Christmas!:)


  1. You could just get some more candy just for you - that's what I do!! Although I do have to admit to hoping to have some of the real sweets left over, but it never happens ha! xx

  2. time you feel the need to go "under the stairs"....CALL ME!!!
    I want some of this stuff!!
    Just how big is it under there???
    Is it down where we used to paint???
    I think I left some on MY stuff down there...I'll be right over to get it!
    Great the way! :o)