Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A little drive up the mountain

Monday in Vancouver. Decided to drive up to Whistler ski resort. Happily, our son Gordon took the day off and came with....actually he drove which was fabulous! I had never been, so I got to ride shotgun while the Professor took the backseat. It was a normal, overcast day but the ride up still remained thrilling in a romantic, rainy sort of way. What better thing than trapped in a car with your son's full attention for four hours!???

Not much snow on November 19th.

Only a few runs open.

The art of snow boarding!

This must be a "praying-for-snow" idol

Not a very effective result, just enough for a little one

The clock says it's about time to start the 2 hour trek back, to avoid the traffic at the bottom in Vancouver. Traffic is even worse in Van. than in TO.

Lured in by Starbucks peppermint mocha, ski chairs and a heat lamp. Should take a few last minutes to soak it all in

This will be a busy place over the holidays! All best wishes for more snow Whistler!


  1. Whistler is truly a winter wonderland around Xmas time with all the beautlful lights and decorations. I remember marvelling at the sight of all those very healthy, athletic looking skiers and boarders as I observed from the very cozy chalet.. My nephew who has lived there for a few years, calls it "a bubble" as it is something quite apart from a real life town. It is a very different experience in the summer with all the mountain bikers flying down those mountains. One of those dudes is my nephew!!!