Saturday, November 2, 2013

All things considered

With everything that has gone on in Canadian politics these past few weeks, this is probably the most rational perspective I've heard in a long time. This post is for Helen, pursuant to our conversation.....and all my gym buddies who knew that Russell Brand was married to Katy Perry:) Take the time and think about this. There will be a discussion!!!

Although this is regarding the British Government, it also happens to be the same system we have in Canada. Why are we voting for the IDIOTS we currently have in power??? Harper??? Ford???? (I can say that I did NOT vote for either of these fools...can you!!!) I'm ready for the revolution.

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  1. Russell Brand is a very interesting man who certainly gets one thinking. He makes some excellent points, and a revolution of some sort could quite possibly take place sooner rather than later if things continue as they are,. Ah yes, and for the record, I did not vote for Harper or Ford!!!