Monday, November 25, 2013

Around the lake

The great thing about the new neighbourhood that Gordon and Rachael live in is the close proximity to Trout Lake. One afternoon we rocketed out of our somnolent state by the fireside and went on a little hike around the water.

As Vancouver is renowned for it's "tree huggers" there are plenty of great specimens in the park! :)

No doubt this was a dare-dog seagull event. Who would be the first to dive UNDER the raft??
Maybe the mallard will get caught!

I think you can click on this to embiggen

Again, only in Vancouver can you have Spirit Bear Coffee and a warning about Coyotes!!!!

Someone has been fishing....well .....trying to. Maybe while distractedly drinking their coffee, the coyotes got them! HA!

All the way around and you come to the dog beach. This fellow was hale and hardy enough to brave the frigid mid-November waters. Not sure why anything other than beast or fowl would enter this particular pond, but hey!

It's Vancouver!!!

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  1. Well....I do believe that Gord and Rachel are very lucky indeed...
    Looks like you all had a lovely visit....
    Good for you Miss Leslie!
    Now.....onto Christmas!