Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Just back from a trip to Vancouver.

Big doin's out west. Our son is finally a definition.... 35 years old!

He and Rachael have purchased their first house and it's all good. They found a wonderful neighbourhood near Trout Lake, and an adorable townhouse with all mod cons. The new abode is perfect for them, and us as well.... they can now host visitors!

Of course and house is just a house but kitties make it a home. We now have two "furry grandkids". Two little boys who were adopted as soon as the house opened.

This is Forest. He's 4 months old and the dominant brother. He bites slippers.

and THIS is Simon. He's obviously the watch-cat. He's very tiny, only a couple of months old. He loves to cuddle. More on that later.

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  1. How lovely to hear that Rachael and Gordon are so happily ensconced in their new abode. It sounds perfect for a young couple. What adorable little kitties.