Sunday, November 3, 2013


I couldn't leave the elephant out of doors for the winter, so decided to bring him indoors and put him to use. Now that the fall light is low, the sun comes into the house all dappled and glowing. To my surprise last week the Christmas cacti started to send out buds and blooms. They seem to love the hope of cooler days to come which makes them the focus of attention and the star attraction indoors.

More mosaics to use in pattern sketching!


  1. Your elephant is divine Leslie, but that is not an sentance that I ever expected to see, I couldn't leave the elephant outdoors for the winter. It made me laugh. I am sure that he will love being indoors, I just hope that he behaves. The cactus is looking good too! xx

  2. My Christmas cactus is blooming spectacularly as well! It doesn't have that wonderful elephant pedestal, unfortunately.