Friday, November 8, 2013

Ingredients for a Chilly Afternoon

In order to walk a dog in Canada these days you will need the following ingredients:

One very warm parka, preferably with a hood. May I suggest this LLBean model?

One pair of sturdy, warm walking shoes preferably waterproof. May I suggest Merrell's?

One pair of magic mittens. These are the dinky ones that all Canadians carry in various pockets until the heavy duty snowy one's are required. May I suggest the Dollar Store?

One pair of ear muffs. The hood is very restricting when you are picking up poop, so these do the trick! May I suggest the Seven Eleven in Oak Park, Illinois?

Oh yes! Don't forget the dog.

You'll need a dog.

Even a rather "low slung" dog that would rather stay inside when the frost is on the ground. He may try to tell you that he doesn't need to go out, but don't listen. He'll love it and want to stay and play, which is why you'll need all the above ingredients! Mix all of the above, if possible, with a bit of sun, and a smile. Then come home for a little hot drink and a snuggle. Repeat as necessary.

1 comment:

  1. You are becoming an expert dogsitter! I hope I can leave Karamel in your capable hands some day and don't worry, she doesn't do the walk thing anymore. She prefers snuggling on the couch. But don't be hoodwinked into giving her a belly rub because she will never let you stop.