Monday, November 11, 2013

Listen to the story

Last week I was invited for a little visit. Not only did I have a wonderful time, but I also had cups of hot tea, a delicious lunch, and came home with enough leftovers for dinner.....including cupcakes! I know some special people will be receiving this book that has been on the New York Times best seller list for ages. It's for everyone. Everyone will want one. Listen to the story. The illustrations are classic!

Photo Credit: Oliver Jeffers


  1. What a great reading! I love that book, and I think it would have such appeal for someone about Zoë's age (especially the naked part)!!! There really are some wonderful books out there these days. I miss being exposed to them on a regular basis through the talented librarians who used to introduce them to us for use in our classrooms. What a perfect introduction to an art lesson!

  2. This author also wrote "How to Catch a Star", which is one of Zoë's favorites. The illustration is just wonderful.