Friday, November 22, 2013


It's a pretty daunting task these days to purchase a new home. It's even more daunting if you happen to be living in a large city in Canada. The prices are shocking, thereby making the decision tremendously important and very scarey. I cannot tell you what an excellent choice "the kids" made with their new place. It is situated in an up-and-coming area of Vancouver that is as eclectic as it gets! There's a bit of this and that, a bit of old and new, and a very high resale value due to location,location, location.

How wonderful would it be to tumble out your front door and on the next corner be welcomed into the cozy café that serves all those fancy hot drinks and bits and bites, as well as brunch! Very family friendly. I'd be there everyday.

Like I said....eclectic. The old and new with plenty of possibilities

Because of the moderate climate, one can have mosaics near the sidewalk

And birdbaths burbling in November

Then home again to the lovely mixture of young families and more mature neighbours.

Living in the mid-court, there is absolutely no street noise. A bit of downtown, a bit of suburb, close to public transportation, close to schools, parks and recreational facilities....pretty great alright. A plum tree in the backyard AND they have an extra bedroom!

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  1. Is there a fireplace in that cafe? If not, the next time you are out there in the chilliest of conditions, drop in to JJ Bean's at 3010 Main Street. It is also very family friendly, and as our trips there will be much less frequent now, feel free to settle into two of the black leather club chairs right by the fire, which are usually reserved for us. One muffin is a meal, the green tea is mighty fine, and it is not far from Rachael and Gordon's abode.