Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Prior to decorating, we were invited by the little family to view the gingerbread structure and bowls and bowls of candy decorations via Skype. It all got just a little too tempting for an "almost four" year old.


Mommy: "Are you eating those decorations Zoë ??"

Zoë: (Mouth full of M&M's) "Just a few."

Mommy: "But you can't eat all the candies or we won't have any to decorate the gingerbread house."

Zoë: (Mouth full of gumdrops) "I was only eating the extra ones :)"

Mommy: "Were there too many bears?"

Zoë (Mouth full of gummies) "Not any more!!!"

The finished masterpiece looks just right!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Uh Oh!

By now you've probably seen enough Ice Storm pictures. Well.....this is mine. Crack. Davey needed. I thought I would call on Sunday when a large limb threatened to fall on my car. Figured I'd get the answering machine and get on the list. Mr. Davey himself answered the phone, and this morning, knock, knock, knock....Davey Tree Here!

No shinnying this time. In winter and ice you use a cherry picker.

She's going to get in there!

C-a-r-e-f-u-l......it's icy

YIKES This gives new meaning to being out on a limb!

First, a VERY sharp little saw for the itty bits

Ramping up the chain saw!

Just a few deft chops

Job done. Looks good up here. Women RULE!

We have been very lucky. The tree problem is solved and we never lost power. Best wishes to all those in Ontario who have suffered and are still in the dark and cold. The Nightmare Before Christmas 2013.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Cosy Little Christmas

Calls and mail from all over the world * Luncheons and coffee with dear friends * Christmas Carols * Christmas movies * Christmas t.v. specials * Reading * Advent Calendars with chocolate * Knitting a snugly scarf while ensconced on the sofa * Little tiny ceramic Christmas trees * Candles *

* Anticipating all the Christmas baking, given and purchased * I've been told by a very reliable source that ceramic Christmas trees were Cheesy in their day, but are now considered "Vintage" and therefore très chic! * Harvey's Bristol Cream * Bailey's in coffee * Flowers arriving at the door, with chocolates too *
Skyping with Grandchildren who totally BELIEVE

Today we are in the midst of a wild ice storm and feeling very lucky to still have power. Buckle up kids!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Canadian tradition....

Jane, this one is for you! I simply couldn't resist:)

I finally got to view the Johnny Reid Christmas show and realized that it was he who made the latest Tim Horton's commercial jingle.

Just thought Jane and Michael would get a big kick out of this one :)

If this doesn't make you want to come home, I'm not sure what will :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Remind you of anyone?

This Joe Fresh ad reminds me and several others of my granddaughter Zoë, so much so that I had to and get this outfit for her. It's just a little crazy Christmas thing. The HAT!! Luca will look snazzy in a bow tie as well :)

If the correct Joe Fresh ad doesn't come up at first click on playlist to Ad Number 5 of 84

Friday, December 13, 2013

You must see this one!

On our way to Vancouver, I was able to watch the Documentary "20 Feet From Stardom" on Air Canada. I would have watched it on the return too, but it was not available. This is just such a fascinating film. I highly recommend it. I per-ordered the DVD. It will be released in January.

Last night we had the opportunity to see Darlene Love in concert, right here in Mississauga. You have to give this woman all the credit she is due. She can still belt out a mighty fine tune! We look forward to hearing her again on David Letterman just before Christmas.

I was so delighted that as well as Christmas tunes she included Da Do Ron Ron, He's a Rebel and Stand By Me. Fabulous! The audience was of a "certain" age, but in the front row there were fans from New Jersey! Turns out the wife works at McCarter theatre in Princeton! That's dedication!!!

Photo credit: Web Poster

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Idea

May I suggest the perfect festive combination?

Watch this

Then....read this!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Yesterday in LA

Jane and Zoë attended the Nutcracker!

Happily they shared some iPhone photos with me. I've managed to get them from my phone onto the computer to share.

Zoë is still taking ballet classes and they are doing a lot of story ballets that require significant posing:)

A little "selfie" of my two girls at Zoë's first full-length Nutcracker ballet performance.

Sporting the grow your bangs out hairdo and a "festive" creation in barrettes. Waiting for the performance to start.

Intermission with a visit to Santa!

One has to strike just the perfect pose in the lobby!

Delightful first ballet outing. She now wants definitely to be a ballerina.

Methinks from here, one short step to the academy awards :)!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

CBC Stars on Ice

Not sure if you were able to see the CBC airing of Canadian Stars on Ice. By and large I'm never very impressed with these shows, but this one!

Holy Mackinaw!

It opened with a spectacular number and never let up!

I think I've been able to hook up the link so that you can watch the entire show on your computer. It will also start with the opening number but carries on with some spectacular numbers. Otherwise buy tickets when this show comes to a town near you!

CBC Stars on Ice

Credits: CBC Stars on Ice

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ready to be framed

Another of those unfinished/never started, projects DONE!

Michael's called to say that my Halloween project is framed.....ready for next year :)

It's pretty exciting to get to choose another from the box labelled CROSS-STITCH. I used a Brother-P-Touch to sort things out in my closet of mystery. Hopefully this will "remind" me where things are.

I can't even tell you how old this is. The shop in Ottawa that I got it from no longer exists, and Helen's has been both in her parent's home and on her own walls for EVER. I'm sure she'll be happy to point out just how tardy I've been. She's like that...always the primary teacher. I really need to do birth samplers for both of my own grandchildren!!! I have the patterns, best get to it while I still have the eyes!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cat Naps

There is nothing quite like napping with a new kitty to bring things into focus. This is a feeling to remember as the season ramps up!
Breathe and flex your little paws.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A brush with celebrity

Lately, the Professor and I have been enjoying "the girls".

Anna and Kristina are two women living in Vancouver who originally had a show called "The Shopping Bags", in which they explore and test various products. Recently they got into testing cookbooks.

"Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag" is a Canadian television series that airs on the W Network and OWN Network in Canada, as well as 13 other countries around the world.

This series focuses on the kitchen, putting cookbooks, kitchen products, and cooking ingredients to the test. They choose a cookbook and make several recipes and then have a chef of some renown judge both how they executed the instructions and how the items they chose to cook taste. The cookbooks are then given either a pass or a buy, based on their results.

All the time we were in Vancouver, I was on the lookout for them. Wondering if we were driving by their house, were they in this market purchasing ingredients.....not unlike my sleuthing for Ina Garten in Paris! Not one sighting.

When we arrived at the airport, I thought I spied Anna seated in our gate section. Of course The Professor thought it was just wishful thinking. She actually was! I also noted that she boarded the plane in the first go and thought.....of course she'll be in first class. On boarding ourselves, she was nowhere to be seen. UNTIL....I got to MY row....fortuitously purchased in the extra-leg-room-exit- aisle. Guess who was sitting at the window seat!!!!

Yes, I flew home with Anna. I was very 'celebrity discreet', but I did tell her just before buckling up that we are fans and our entire PVR is FULL of their episodes. She smiled, and said "Wonderful! Thank you!"


Their website is pretty interesting as well. Have a look!