Sunday, December 1, 2013

A brush with celebrity

Lately, the Professor and I have been enjoying "the girls".

Anna and Kristina are two women living in Vancouver who originally had a show called "The Shopping Bags", in which they explore and test various products. Recently they got into testing cookbooks.

"Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag" is a Canadian television series that airs on the W Network and OWN Network in Canada, as well as 13 other countries around the world.

This series focuses on the kitchen, putting cookbooks, kitchen products, and cooking ingredients to the test. They choose a cookbook and make several recipes and then have a chef of some renown judge both how they executed the instructions and how the items they chose to cook taste. The cookbooks are then given either a pass or a buy, based on their results.

All the time we were in Vancouver, I was on the lookout for them. Wondering if we were driving by their house, were they in this market purchasing ingredients.....not unlike my sleuthing for Ina Garten in Paris! Not one sighting.

When we arrived at the airport, I thought I spied Anna seated in our gate section. Of course The Professor thought it was just wishful thinking. She actually was! I also noted that she boarded the plane in the first go and thought.....of course she'll be in first class. On boarding ourselves, she was nowhere to be seen. UNTIL....I got to MY row....fortuitously purchased in the extra-leg-room-exit- aisle. Guess who was sitting at the window seat!!!!

Yes, I flew home with Anna. I was very 'celebrity discreet', but I did tell her just before buckling up that we are fans and our entire PVR is FULL of their episodes. She smiled, and said "Wonderful! Thank you!"


Their website is pretty interesting as well. Have a look!

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