Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ready to be framed

Another of those unfinished/never started, projects DONE!

Michael's called to say that my Halloween project is framed.....ready for next year :)

It's pretty exciting to get to choose another from the box labelled CROSS-STITCH. I used a Brother-P-Touch to sort things out in my closet of mystery. Hopefully this will "remind" me where things are.

I can't even tell you how old this is. The shop in Ottawa that I got it from no longer exists, and Helen's has been both in her parent's home and on her own walls for EVER. I'm sure she'll be happy to point out just how tardy I've been. She's like that...always the primary teacher. I really need to do birth samplers for both of my own grandchildren!!! I have the patterns, best get to it while I still have the eyes!


  1. Excuse me, primary teacher here!!!!! Oh yes, Brother-P-Touch....use that throughout my house all the time! How could I ever criticize you for being tardy? It is only December 7 and you have your Hallowe'en decorations ready. You did a beautiful job, and I am looking at exactly the same one right beside me...which I love. It will be fabulous when you have it framed, and is a constant reminder of the importance our parents and generations before placed on being frugal. Check out "The Non-Consumer Advocate" who claims to live a very happy life with that old verse in mind. Wouldn't Mildred and Mother Jean be delighted to hear that you are blogging about one of the battle cries of the women of the depression. Well done ma soeur, as always! PS. Does Brother-P-Touch work with organizing photos??? That is my new year's resolution, so just trying to get any help I can get.