Monday, December 23, 2013

Uh Oh!

By now you've probably seen enough Ice Storm pictures. Well.....this is mine. Crack. Davey needed. I thought I would call on Sunday when a large limb threatened to fall on my car. Figured I'd get the answering machine and get on the list. Mr. Davey himself answered the phone, and this morning, knock, knock, knock....Davey Tree Here!

No shinnying this time. In winter and ice you use a cherry picker.

She's going to get in there!'s icy

YIKES This gives new meaning to being out on a limb!

First, a VERY sharp little saw for the itty bits

Ramping up the chain saw!

Just a few deft chops

Job done. Looks good up here. Women RULE!

We have been very lucky. The tree problem is solved and we never lost power. Best wishes to all those in Ontario who have suffered and are still in the dark and cold. The Nightmare Before Christmas 2013.


  1. Hi Linda, ages since I have heard from you. Glad that apart from the tree you are safe and sound in this horrid weather you are having. We have been having horrendous rain and winds here, lots of damage and flooding, but we are safe apart from trees down locally. Hope to hear from you sometime. Happy Christmas and best wishes for a great New Year. xx

  2. Our power has been on for just over an hour now; we were without power for about 54 hours. Miserable doesn't even begin to describe it, especially when one is sick as I have been (and still am)! Nightmare Before Christmas indeed -- this will be one that will be memorable for a long time. Our furnace has been chugging away and the temp in the house is up to 54F now. Woohoo! Glad you never lost your electricity :-) Merry Christmas!