Monday, December 9, 2013

Yesterday in LA

Jane and Zoë attended the Nutcracker!

Happily they shared some iPhone photos with me. I've managed to get them from my phone onto the computer to share.

Zoë is still taking ballet classes and they are doing a lot of story ballets that require significant posing:)

A little "selfie" of my two girls at Zoë's first full-length Nutcracker ballet performance.

Sporting the grow your bangs out hairdo and a "festive" creation in barrettes. Waiting for the performance to start.

Intermission with a visit to Santa!

One has to strike just the perfect pose in the lobby!

Delightful first ballet outing. She now wants definitely to be a ballerina.

Methinks from here, one short step to the academy awards :)!


  1. She looks so grown up! What a doll.

    Lauren A.

  2. What a delight...Mama and daughter at their first ballet together. What an attention span that wee one has! And Daddy played a terrific role in helping to choose the perfect dress. We will watch for her name in lights!

  3. She really loved every bit of it - being all dressed up with all the other little girls in their holiday dresses, the theatre, the music, the atmosphere, and then as the show was starting she leaned over to me and said "is this all DANCING? I love this!"

  4. I can't believe how BIG she is getting.....and sooooo pretty♥
    I remember when Lissa went to the ballet with her Auntie May and Uncle Bill...she LOVED it!
    Great pictures, Jane!

  5. She is freaking adorable!! I am sure she will cherish that nutcracker for years to come.