Sunday, January 12, 2014

And so it begins.....SCIENCE

Yesterday "the girls" were doing experiments.

It involved, crystals, bases and acids and a bit of cabbage powder. Zoë was entranced. Lots of mixing and waiting were required.
The waiting was the hard part for a four year old.

When various liquids had turned into jelly-like solids, Zoë was insistent that Jane count each one. Jane took the "scientific approach" that it looked like there were are least 80 little coloured pieces. Zoë persisted that the measurement be exact. 1..2..3..4..(Zoë's lips silently mimicking Mommy's count) at around 50, Jane declared that based on how many were left on the plate, there were likely 80 as she had said.

Very tenderly, and with her teacher voice, Zoë tapped Jane's arm and said "keep going, you'll get better".

There were 117 pieces.

Credit: I think this picture was taken by Daddy who was keeping Luca out of the laboratory. Luca is also wearing barettes these days!:)


  1. "Out of the mouths of babes"!!! What a breathtaking photo, which truly captures the moment and an A for Zoë (Jane too) for persistence.
    Must get Luca and Bowie together...she's wearing stickers all over her blonde locks!