Sunday, January 5, 2014

Four Years Old!

Happy Birthday Zoë!!!

Eat lots and lots of cake! ..... Chocolate :)!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Zoë! We have not seen you in over two years and can't wait for a grand reunion soon. Best love from Uncle Chuck and Auntie Helen, Greg, Indira and Milo, and Lori, Ian, Wyatt and Bowie.

  2. love to the beauty girl!! Happy Birthday Ms. Zoe!!!! 4 is VERY important. You do it justice and it is a perfect match for your imagination and energy. You are very loved. Aunt Dana

  3. Happy Birthday to that cutie-pa-tootie!
    My, she is looking grown up♥
    How the h*** are you, Miss Leslie?

  4. Happy Birthday, Zoe! You are a special little girl.

  5. Happy Birthday Zoë! What a wonderful year you have ahead of you, all the joys and discoveries of being such a magical age!