Monday, January 27, 2014

Maggie Continued......

Remember Miss Maggie Rabbit? Well, she is finally finished!

After her initial start, it was off to make a smallish wardrobe. This is her knitted dress, and now that she has boots on, she can stand up, if she's very,very clever and careful.

She loves her Liberty lawn fabric dress and keeps warm these very chilly winter days with her knitted shawl.

The finishing touch are her "starched" whiskers! I kid you works as per instructions!

One of the construction details was inserting elastic thread in her dress neckline and cuffs. I must say that while Liberty lawn is fabulous fabric, it is not the easiest in tiny bits and hems on the sewing machine!

First of all I misplaced the elastic thread from the kit, causing 50 fits...later found it while trying to ferret out #18 Darning needles.

Into Mother Jean's box of needles and came across this perfect little packet. Not only is it well marked and the exact needle called for, but it's also very nostalgic that my Mum's needle box has something to do with the construction of her great-granddaughter's Maggie Rabbit. I love that it shows it's wartime price of 7 cents.

Zoë has been very excitedly watching Maggie progress via Skype. She is so anxious to be able to see her and really, really, wants Maggie to come to her house NOW!      Someone wondered what Luca would be getting.....Luca at 15 months is more interested in the boxes, pots and pans, but I hear that there are more kits proposed at Posie Gets Cozy....perhaps a fox???


  1. Maggie Rabbit is divinely cute!! So are her outfits and I do love those darning needles too! I know that it makes me a bit odd, but there you go!! xx

  2. Oh....I see Amy beat me! Darn...I wanted to be the first to shout "Bravo Miss Leslie"!
    Your photography is excellent....lovely post..

    1. Maggie Rabbit appreciates all your admiration indeed! The photos were all taken with my iPhone, makes me wonder about using the big one:)

  3. How adorable. What a wonderful project on these very cold winter days. Like you, I am always excited to find useful items in my mother's old sewing box. Finding needles us especially pleasing, and when you see the price, it is truly shocking. I shall look forward to photos of Miss Zoë and her new friend, and Luca with the wrappings. I must inform you though, that Miss Bowie is extremely attracted to two favourite penguins of late, so Luca will be looking for something soon.

    1. At this point, Luca is only looking for things that he can put in the toilet! You can be assured that Miss Maggie Rabbit, with her starched whiskers is for the top shelf of Zoë's "pretties". She will be right up there beside the ballerina in the jewelery box that spins when the lid opens....that has Luca's full attention and sticky little fingers all over it! Some things are out-of-bounds to "Mr. pots and pans" at the moment, but Mamère has a few age-appropriate World Wildlife animals tucked away for him. We'll be lucky if they've figured out how to fix ALL the remotes and thermostats in the house by the time we get there! Ah the little family :)