Friday, February 7, 2014

A little story

On our last Skype message with the little family, I was recounting the story of being in New York waiting for a table for lunch. The Professor spied a little girl drawing faces on her place mat whilst waiting for her meal. He thought the drawings pretty good and wondered if Zoë could draw faces yet.

Mamère:   Zoë how old does one have to be to draw faces?

Zoë:       Two.

Mamère:      Oh, I see. Then you must be able to draw faces like the little girl in the restaurant.

Zoë:     Come this way she gestures.  (This of course means Mummy has to proceed with the iPad to Zoë's refrigerator gallery).
The stance as she poses before her work is balletic. One foot pointed, hands on hips, head tilted to one side as she very seriously does the docent thing.

Mamère:     Oh my goodness! You did all of these paintings?

Zoë:    Yes! This one is of my family. This one is Oscar (best friend at school). This one is another family day.

Mamère:    WOW! You really CAN draw faces, and entire people. That's really great work for a four year old girl.

Zoë:      Well, actually, I did these before Christmas when I was only three!

Thank you Picasso! - in your "Third" period :)

Zoë's Family

Pictures provided by Daddy's texting!


  1. How very expressive...and for cryin' out loud, how gosh darn
    cute is THAT??


  2. Well, really, how totally cute is THAT?!?!?
    Just love that story, we must encourage these budding artists, you know...