Monday, February 17, 2014

Christmas can be anytime really....

On our arrival in California, the little family had a tummy bug. A day later, we ALL had the tummy bug. This has not been a totally bad thing, as it has kept us all a little restrained and lying low. After a long haul and three hour time change, other than the horrible stomach pains and aches, it oddly fits in quite well. Jane outdid herself making our traditional welcome home meal "GRECO".

Kids of course bounce back immediately, while the parents are in varying degrees of recuperation.

We are doing little things, like going to the park, and exploring the new Playa Vista neighborhood they now live in. We've been having eclectic meals depending on what any one person can handle at that time. Seems very Californian actually :) Mostly, we've been spending precious time with people we love and trying to think that someday we could be closer and do this more often.

Luca has been the biggest change for us to see. He is now 15 months and we last saw him at 8 months!

He is a solid kid that is very strong and stable on his feet. He's so HEAVY!

Luca has a fascination for putting things in the trash. EVERYTHING. Very tidy boy he is:) Where's the baby monitor???

We were not sure how he'd react to us in real life. He's pretty attached to his Daddy right now, but gradually seems to be warming up to us. We're taking it slow. It seems he now trusts Papi's huge nestling embrace when being carried is an option.

Others seem to have an uncanny knack of bouncing back in record time

We've had a chance to enjoy some gifts collected over the year and do a few little crafts. Maggie Rabbit was a welcome visitor to a little girl in bed when we arrived, and luckily Maggie has not suffered any ill effects as yet. It's nice to arrive every day to a little note carefully drawn in crayon telling you how much you are loved.

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  1. They are both too precious...Luca has certainly changed...glad to hear Maggie didn't suffer. Today is a holiday....Disneyland?????