Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saturday stroll in SOHO

Saturdays mission was to find Purl Soho, a splendid little fabric/wool shop. After another dizzying taxi ride we found the shop and were amazed at the area. VERY, VERY, POSH.  Not what I was expecting, but it was a splendid day of happy wandering.  Some of the best fire escape architecture I've ever seen.  I kept saying ooh I should have my big camera.  Another time. 

Notice the cobbled streets. This probably means likely 150 years old? 

The Cupping Room cafe.  Great crowd!

Acapella Soul.  I had to get the CD.  They look slightly familiar.  Must check this out. Too wonderful!

The birthday boy and I share a Canadian moment. Fabulous food, ambiance, meeting with cherished friends.  A perfect celebration!   

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  1. How wonderful to see you bonding with dear friends and enjoying the Big Apple. Can't wait for you to regale me with all your stories.