Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowed in! - NYC

Could think of worse places to have flight cancelled :). I have assured the professor his students won't mind missing a lecture tomorrow:).  Sooooo.....MOMA for the day.  Yay!  

This is where we are stuck!

Let's make the best of it and have lunch in Terrace 5.   Great view.  Great lunch!

Not too difficult to be inside with all this!

 Every room has another great outside view of the city. 

It's still snowing and it's kinda cool!     Off to have tea.  They close at six.  


  1. Lovely!!! Glad you were sense-able enough to made a preemptive decision.

  2. Wow, more great photos! Don't ya just love NYC, even in the middle of winter,
    always lots to see and do (and eat!) :)


  3. Too bad,,,,,,, so sad....... forced to have another day in NYC. Beautiful day here but big storm will have to come home eventually. Loved the pic of Larry and his friends. Just turn his underwear inside out you'll get 4 more days out of it.