Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Missing Sunday

Sunday was supposed to be our last day in the city, until the snow storm.  We were off to see the Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  The Little Prince: A New York Story....35 original watercolours.

The library is one of those little gems in the big apple.  The exposition was fabulous and many of the visiting children were given a little book of both things to look for, and sketch.  The watercolours and the story of St-Exupery inspiring and fun. 

There was so much more.

What a unique way to save paper!   I'm going to try this one day. I think it works because the lines are so straight.   The letter written by Charles Dickens' wife Catherine one way and then turned makes it tricky to read as well!   Nice texture. 

This will be my last weird post from the iPad. It was a mission, but it's done now and I must say that I so prefer the computer.  I also appreciate my big camera, but not totally unhappy with the iPhone results this trip.  

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  1. More Big Apple adventures - so glad to see this post! The Morgan Library is one of my favorite spots
    in NYC, beautiful setting, and not as overwhelming as the Met. Saw a Jane Austen exhibit there once, incl.
    her leather gloves - teeny-tiny hands (but they told me that leather shrinks, etc.).