Saturday, February 1, 2014

This is Hell?

How appropriate that we are staying in "Hell's Kitchen".  Very poor internet connection "down here", but we are in good company with Amy!   It is now our everyday start. Yes Elaine, I will be on the diet upon my return and you'll be glad to know I had a "petite pain au chocolat"  just for you. 

New cakes today!    This is THE most wonderful reason to be a sinner!   

This is what Friday was all about....after Amy's of course.  (If you are interested, Amy's cookbooks on bread and sweets are available through Amazon.)

I made it to the MET!    Spent the entire day.  Heaven.  I have purposely left my big camera at home so as to stay "in the moment".   I tend to get too caught up in details through the view finder, so that is why I'm only using the iPhone.   Posting from the iPad is tricky and heavily dependant on a good internet connection.  Harder than I thought!   The blogger app needs quite a few updates, and options. 

This is all wood. 

It is now Saturday morning and we are off to SOHO.  A bit of nosing around before the big birthday party tonight.   The Professor is very excited to catch up with "old" friends, and I'm looking forward to yet another stellar dinner!   What a city.  


  1. I have been whining about the blogger app for years. So annoying!!!

  2. At least you have been able to add text at the end! Or...did you add the photos at the end?
    I have only been able to do text at the beginning of the post...
    What is your secret?
    We are still snowed in here...hope fully pull out of Dodge tomorrow...