Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bug bug bug

The first indication that anything was wrong was a ~buzz~ on the land line. We may be the only people left in the westerm world that actually have a land line, but I'm not giving it up any time soon. Our kids don't have one. Our grandchildren don't know what it is!

Our area has buried lines. Every time there is major weather, and the ground carries on with freezing and floods etc., those terrible acts of nature, something happens to the wires. Obviously. The ~buzz~ got progressively worse and I could see some activity by 'Bell Telephone' around the access posts dotted throughout the neighbourhood, so figured I wasn't the only one having problems. Surely it would be remedied. Then came the "incoming call" on call-display, with one ring only, and nothing on the other end when the phone was picked up. That became particularly annoying when I wanted the Professor to bring something home for dinner and he couldn't get through. Back cell phone. I don't carry a cell phone around with me. I don't wear belts. I have even fewer pockets. I really only use my cell phone for it's camera and emergencies. I prefer my land line.

Yesterday was a particularly sunny day. I walked to the post-box, nosed in a few shops, and had a very cheery disposition upon my return. All of a sudden "BOOM....BOOM....BOOM"....someone hammering on the front door. When approached cautiously, it was a policeman. He was looking at me with caution as well. Finally, when my brain had the time to register that it was the police mind went wild...something's happened to the Professor, my kids, something happened!!! I exclaimed...WHAT!??? WHAT's Happened??? He looking rather startled said....this is (the street, and number of our house)? YES....WHAT WHAT???? Sorry, Mam', it's just that we've been getting 911 calls from this house and we have to investigate. WHAT!!!!!???? But my phone is not working, and I have not been home this afternoon, how is that possible? Is the phone dialing itself? "Apparently". "Well, we've confirmed there is a work order on the line so we don't have to come in and have a look around, every time, but if it continues we still have to attend the call".

The for example was.....if I was holding someone hostage behind my barely cracked door and THEY, the hostages, were calling 911, the police would want to know that! The Professor wondered if the neighbours were concerned about his safety. I think not, but they might be:)

Very long story short, I got on the horn and demanded that Bell do something about the situation immediately as I considered this a total abuse of police manpower to have to attend to phantom 911 calls. Bell was on the street by the time the Professor drove into the driveway at 6:30 p.m. and by 7:00 p.m. the problem was fixed. Water in the box, shorted lines, and according to the technician this always defaults to a 911 call. Now you know. Such excitement in the hood!

Happily, the line is back up and running, although you may find it busy!

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