Friday, March 21, 2014


This just in from LA. The title of the text was "4 shots and some chocolate".

This updates the vaccinations. As you can see, "Band Aids" are de rigeur for this process. The chocolate, I'm sure, was a great help. Minutes later there were gymnastics going on in the living room - on a mattress, no ill effects reported. Zoë has blue eyes, so possibly the chocolate has had more of an effect than anyone realized:) This kid kills me. Her little brother was sleeping off the effects of his "shots", a little bit feverish and new teeth. He got Motrin not chocolate.


  1. What a little trooper! I agree, that a little chocolate, or a lot, always fixes everything.

  2. They were all covered in Nutella this morning. Knew you'd be SOOOO proud! Ciao Zia G :)

  3. A well-deserved treat. What fancy Band-Aids, too!