Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thank you Evelyn

It all started with a pot of "mini daffs" from my neighbour.

It was the most exciting thing! All week, I had been planning a trip to get spring blooms, but the days were still snowy, cold and grey. "Friday", I said. "For sure on Friday, I will go out and get spring blooms!". Every social media posting was heralding spring with gorgeous flowers.
Thursday evening, the daffs arrived.

Friday came and was sunny and warm (by the latest standards) so I ventured out to the local greenhouse and added to the indoor spring feeling.
Nothing like the scent of Freesia, the ruffles of my favourite Anemone, or the hope of tulips to signal spring.

Never could resist a pussy willow. This was just too lovely to leave behind. We had another bit of snow overnight, and a cloudy iffy day today, but inside all is blooming!


  1. Don't fresh flowers just lift your spirits?
    Not to mention the scent.......
    Enjoy your evening....

  2. I have yet to get some daffodils. Yours are lovely and the pussy willow is perfect with the hyacinth.

    1. It's amazing how quickly they have grown. Apparently you can store the pots and plant them outside in the fall. I will have to put a note on the calendar if I do. It would be so like me to forget them in the cold cellar!

  3. How nice, your own private flower show. So charming and fragrant - what a wild and crazy
    winter it has been....