Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Off the beaten track

Not everyone wants to see a museum of old signs, but I DO!!! Apparently, so did many, many others. You must take a tour of the facility and sign up on the hour. Most of the people on the tour wanted to hear the history of the old neon signage and it's provenance, but there were a few rebels at the end of the line that were there to take photos. Our "group" had the most fun, I think, and shouted "we're coming"..."carry on"...."go ahead!".....the guides don't particularly like it, but we persisted. The Professor was in the attentive group and got all the history, so if you ever need to know.....:)

Tons of fabulous signs from a bygone era. Hope the preservation society manage to save all the rest.

This is not located in a particularly "swish" part of town and it's not advisable to walk...guess this duck says it all! Not sure if he wants In or Out!

Another odd thing to do in Vegas!

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