Saturday, May 3, 2014

4 years old

In 1981 Jane celebrated her 4th. birthday party. From what I can see and remember, it involved a smocked dress, Peter Rabbit decor and a homemade "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" cake. I'm pretty sure I still have those cake decorations in a cupboard.

Thirty three years ago with a thirty something Daddy counting candles

2014 and another 4 year old celebrating on a glorious day in LA. Yes we know, her birthday is in January, but's LA man!!!!

It's all about "Frozen" these days but I do spy a few Disney Princess' also attending the cake!

That is one fabulous cake!!! Friends, Cannon and Lucy are just about ready to dig in! No one wanted to take off their medals after the potato sack races in the park.

Pretty obvious that our birthday girl is delighted with her party!


  1. What fun to see your two special girls celebrating their fourth birthdays. I remember Jane's lilttle dress well, and have one just like it in a drawer here. That is the most amazing cake Zoë! I am sure all had a wonderful time, and those medals...WOW! I am sure the sack races were a real hit, along with the cake of course! Great post!

  2. I've never met Jane -- but from her (adult) pictures that I've seen on your blog -- she still looks the same :)

  3. I'd be curious what Zoe would make of that sweet boombox in the first pic! Nothing makes you feel older than kids reacting to "ancient" technology.

  4. Utterly charming - such great photos of special memories, both then and now!!