Saturday, May 24, 2014

I wonder where the birdies is?

I wonder if this is the elusive artist?

Perhaps in reaction to singing for the "Dodgers"....the "Baltimore Orioles" are showing their displeasure?? Better keep quiet about the "Blue Jays"! I have to say I have never seen an Oriole in these parts before.

Now if you cheer for de "Yankees" or de "Mets" the age old poem might sound like this!

De spring is sprung, de grass is riz
I wonder where de boidies is?
De boid is on de wing, but dat’s absoid,
De wing is on de boid

De grass is riz de trees is green
And in de moitle tree a boid is seen.
A boid is seen and also hoid
And also felt. He dropped a toid.
Dis gets woise

And so de boid what did doit
Has got to die and dat’s a coit
I gets me gat intent on moider
Detoimined dis won’t get no foider
Oh boy! Oh boy! Am I pertoibed

I lifts me gat de boidie choips
I gotta give de squoit de woiks
But in the moitle tree above
There sits a little toitle dove
Remember moitle?

I’ve got me shooter primed but now
2 boids are sitting on de bough
And so, I cannot shoot de dove
Because de spring’s de time for love


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