Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It happens every time

Every time Helen and I go downtown, we are offered assistance of some kind or other.

EVERY time we use the subway, some kind, usually young person comes forward and asks if we need help. We are totally convinced that if this happens with tourists, they will have a wonderful impression of Toronto. This past week, we were even offered assistance in an elevator in 'The Bay'! Granted, we take our time and read signs so as not to get going the wrong way, guess this gives us away as out-of-towners. We consider ourselves pretty "with it" grannies for sure, but we must look like we are totally dazed and confused.

I wonder if it's our get-up??? I mean can urbanites tell suburbanites at a glance? We wondered if it was our grey hair, our glasses or possibly the cigars. Not sure, but we are happy to take all the help we can get.  It's a mad city out there. 

Photo Credit:http://petrinagetsannoyed.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/excuse-me-old-lady-but-no/


  1. The reason you and Helen are being offered assistance is not because you're grannies, but because you're "pretty" ...that's my theory.

  2. Thank you Susan, and I must admit that we have never looked more stunning than we did last week., We have been friends for so long, we really are beginning to look alike and the age difference is becoming less obvious! I guess that is part of the attraction, we are practically twins now in fact, I can hardly tell us apart!

  3. Love the turbans! Ultra-chic with those summery flowers...