Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The problem with new appliances

When you get say, a new washer and dryer, you think....oh joy! Then you have to make way for the old to be replaced and the new to be installed.

Let's hope you haven't quite finished installing a new cabinet full of china, or that the chairs are not unbelievably heavy, or that the clothes drying rolling rack doesn't have at least a dozen things that require ironing. How often have you looked behind and under your washer/dryer lately??? It's not pretty.

The hardest thing of all is deciding what to do with the old shirts and felted woolens still lingering on that clothes rack, long after the excitement of making aprons or penny rugs has passed. Then SUDDENLY, you remember that you need outfits for the mice! That's it! You don't need to throw anything out...you just relegate it to a new "project bag".

These are the Country Mice. You KNOW you all have an old suit or pair of pants or shirt with these fabrics!

I have not made one of these Mollie mice yet, but I have knit a sweater for a friend who has. Trickier than it looks...that yarn is like thread! I finally found a use for some very fine yarn that Jane brought me from Chile!

Now, this is a challenge I took in a Webinar. Cynthia Treen is one of my favourite felt people. She makes THE most adorable little felt critters. Her Webinar was fabulous as was she with any questions and comments. I like these rabbits because they don't require clothing. Before I even knew about Cynthia, I realized I had purchased a few of her kits from Purl Soho in NYC.

This is Ms. Cynthia Treen. Just LOOK at that necklace! Is that not the very best???
When you look at her website I'm sure you'll agree we NEED Charlotte Fox!

It's pretty exhausting getting new appliances, especially when you have to whip up and dress a few mice here and there!

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