Sunday, June 15, 2014

A good day

I bought my first Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Maine, at a little country store with a fabulous bakery. Now it is everywhere and I can't live without it. This documentary was brought to my attention by the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). It is now available on t.v. What a story.

The Tom Waits music at the end is totally perfect for the context of this film and I love the music.

Like Burt says: "A good day is when no one shows up and you don't have to go anywhere"

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  1. What a cool dude! I love that line about no one showing up and not having to go anywhere. I have never purchased Burt's Bees products for myself, only for others, so I better get out there and get myself some lip balm! We need more Burts in this world!

  2. Must check it out. Have you seen the documentary "More Than Honey"? It explores the role of honeybees, really thought-provoking.