Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ready to roll

Slightly behind in class, but getting there. There is much more to this project than it seems. First of all you have to make the little sketch books. Sounds simple enough. Sourcing out the paper and supplies takes leg work, lots of it. Assembling takes time and requires a space devoted to paper, rulers, cutters, linen threads, punches, needles and bookbinding supplies. Once that is accomplished .......

The little Sketchbookery books are assembled and ready

The paints, pencils and pens are amassed and logged

One has to root around and find every available source of watercolour whatever. Pens, pencils, crayons, paints, tins and tins of colour. Little empty jars of artichokes, make the perfect size for water. Get the brushes....don't overlook the value of making little cards to refer to for the perfect shade....

Nothing left but as teacher says to "get at it!"

Indeed. What could be more summery than sitting on the patio with watercolours all around and a perfect summer day ahead. Let the sketching begin. Let the good times roll. And that my dear friends is why these courses always come with a signature cocktail! Cheerio!


  1. "What could be more summery than sitting on the patio with watercolours all around ..."

    It would be a lot more summary if there was beer ... and chips with dip.

  2. Tell your cute hubby that he can nibble and sip only upon completion of his "summary" of the "summery" experience. Great job ma soeur!!!

  3. Ma Soeur. The Professor wishes to inform you that as cute as he is he cannot avoid the predictive text applications when using an iPad whilst on the train. He really, really was hoping for a beer :) He formally changes summary to summery. Whateva'

  4. Okay, okay. I'll believe him, thousands wouldn't.