Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The other day I was forced to clear out a cupboard of old magazines. It was time, I was ready....tally ho!

It became quite clear early on, that there were some issues so outdated that they would definitely be in the recycle pile. Some went to people still in the wedding and crafting mode. On the other hand, others needed a bit of reconsideration. Of course, the one with the cake on the front had to be reconsidered. What do you think?

Any one of these delicacies could be enjoyed at anytime. I dutifully cut out the pages to save the recipes, and recycled the rest of the 10 year old magazine. Think I'll start with the first slice of cake. Reminds me of my mother.


  1. I'll have a slice of each please, after my rolled sandwiches of course. I have a huge number of magazines to sort as well. Some are still in the plastic wrapper. Just waiting to feel inspired for that type of task. I'm sure I will be more in the mood after I finish my cake.

  2. Love the dishes in the photos...lovely!
    I tear out the pages that I want to keep...and I donate or recycle the rest...
    Seems I have a TON of magazines...perhaps some lazy day....right!

  3. I must confess I ripped a cake recipe out of a magazine at the hair dressers today...I know it is awful but it was an old issue and it's better than taking the whole book....and I actually plan to make this cake...could be this weekend...if it rains.

    Unannounced due to theft

  4. You can never have enough cake recipes. Let them eat cake!!